Square One Hair Studio


Big rave to Tara Vanderwal @ Route 13's Chop Shop. This woman has always been talented.. years ago I thought I had lost my lil somethin somethin and she laid her hands upon my hair and created a damn near miracle... I felt renewed reborn and better than great! Tara really fixed far than my hair that day...she brought my sexy back wink emoticon;) ....life goes on and soon we lost touch in a professional kinda way ...the economy , busy lives.....well I am now closer to 50 than I ever thought I'd be and I was "letting nature takes it course"going grey was nothing I was worried about and hey! I'd save a wack load of money not going to a salon for color anymore!! My grey did grow and looked as weary as I was beginning to feel....and today i walked into Tara Vanderwals Shop and presto chango Magic happened again ...and here's the kicker I am still grey!! But its gorgeous and full and healthy....and I got my somethin somethin back again!!! THANK YOU TARA ...magic for my soul indeed

Square One Hair Studio


What drew me to Caroline was her style. I loved the tool belt with the cissors. She is very stylish always has great looking hair. She knows her stuff, very talened, artistic, she is passionate, she is persoable and honest. I was happy with my cut and color every time 

I went to see her. I had everything from a shaved head, to colored hair to layers. She even knew how to put my feather extensions on.I would recomend her to all my friends. I wish you all the best

Voodoo Film & Tint Limited


If anyone needs anything powder coated these are your guys! Absolutely amazing work and the price point is great! Will definitely be using VooDoo for all of our powder coating needs. Thanks for the great customer service guys!  Cap-It Edmonton South

Chop Shop Hair Detail


This place is amazing !!! Everyone is so nice, and easy to talk too

Sqare One Hair Studio


15 years ago Tara saved my hair world after a hair dresser thinned my crown beyond disbelief and for the first time ever I had a short hair cut (and I loved it). I moved far away, swearing I wasn't going to find another good hair dresser again, growing my hair out ever since. Through chance I booked in with her at Route 13, Square One, without realizing it. She's now come to my rescue again! This time with colour correction! I'm so greatful!

Voodoo Film & Tint Ltd.


VooDoo Film & Tint - What can I say, they came in under budget and on-time. With a turn around time of less then 24 hours to design, proof, cut, pre mask, etc. over 40 feet of vinyl decals, I would say that is pretty impressive. Great Job guys and Thanks a lot I really appreciate it! Definitely recommend!

Chop Shop Hair Detail


Tara is the first stylist in town that's seemed to really care about my hair, from my first visit with her. They're super accommodating at Chop Shop, really friendly, and I look forward to many more hair cuts here!!

Voooo Film & Tint Ltd.

Nima said :

I love what they came up with and the colors and it was very fast, and affordable better then I could have thought of myself would recommend anyone looking for tint or to advertise their Buissness to stop by and have a chat

Square One Hair Studio


Caroline is the real deal. Ive been in the beauty industry for years and had my hair done by many and she slays!!!!! I drive into camrose just to have my hair done by her ♥♥♥

Square One Hair Studio


Tara is fantastic and super knowledgable about her work. Fun to spend time there, learned a lot and walked out with hair that I LOVE!! Thank you!

Voodoo Film & Tint Ltd.


I had a vision for what I want my truck to look like and voodoo film and tint with their workmanship and ingenuity and friendly professionalism had made it come true I can't say enough to give them the credit they deserve thank you very much

Voodoo Film & Tint Ltd.


Excellent service and work done here. Highly recommended !!